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"It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be."
—Isaac Asimov

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For 27 years, we have counseled our clients in many different sectors about the importance not only of authenticity in leadership and collaboration, but also about how to strategically achieve and sustain meaningful change. We need to change to remain viable, efficient, and mission-driven in the operation of our county and municipal governments, the courts and criminal justice, our human services, our institutions of higher learning, our nonprofit organizations, our healthcare services and facilities. And it is equally true whether we are delivering services or products to the marketplace.

Certainly the most sweeping changes in our lifetime have been driven by technology, which has transformed not only every aspect of the way we work, but also how we communicate, educate, gather information, manage the responsibilities of daily life, and enjoy our family and leisure time. All of these factors affect the work environment directly or indirectly.

The type of change aside, any organization has essentially two choices when dealing with change: react and manage it, taking the hurdles as they come, or proactively elect using it as a springboard to strategize and transform the way we do business. Recalibrating the mission, reinventing business processes, developing new leadership, and succession planning are all pieces of this puzzle. They all require authenticity in leadership and collaboration, so that all employees, at every level, feel ownership not only in the success of the organization but in their own and each others' success as well. With their good faith and commitment, this is what we have been helping our clients throughout the Commonwealth to achieve since The Davison Group's inception.


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Since 1988, we have worked on site, one-on-one, to go beneath the surface—to gather and analyze data and unlock the process knowledge at every organizational level. This is where inefficiencies, misconceptions, duplicative or even archaic patterns, and outdated or misplaced priorities are typically found, and where we begin to discover the opportunities for organizational change.
Leadership Development and Capacity Building
Adams County Court of Common Pleas
Administrative Office of PA Courts
Lackawanna County PA Department of Human Services
Lawrence County PA Adult Probation and Parole Office
Westmoreland County Adult Probation and Parole Office

Business Process Reviews
Diocese of Scranton - Catholic Social Services
Westmoreland County Adult Probation and Parole Office

Strategic Planning
Lehigh Carbon Community College, Lehigh County PA

The Davison Group is especially proud to have completed multiple projects for over two thirds of its clients, and to have had engagements in all 67 Pennsylvania counties.

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