Courts and Criminal Justice

The Davison Group’s court and criminal justice experience (view corporate qualifications) encompasses almost 50 projects, including several major statewide projects involving the Appellate and Common Pleas Courts. Our knowledge of and experience in organizational transformation is applied to every project to achieve higher performance. This is particularly important in today’s challenging operational environment, with needs growing as revenues diminish.

Establishing a county Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) is only a small step on the journey to a truly collaborative, proactive system that addresses both the community’s public safety needs and the need for system-wide effectiveness and efficiency. Never has it been more critical to break down the organizational silos that impede their collaborative efforts.

Some of the services we provide to courts and CJABs are…
Complete business process reviews for organizational transformation of specific court or county departments, for enhanced performance and efficiency
Process and program evaluation
Strategic planning
Vision, mission, and values development
Vision, mission, and values implementation for organizational transformation
Leadership development training and coaching for enhanced performance and succession planning
Building/strengthening internal and external partnerships
Development as a learning organization
More effective use of data to enhance criminal justice decision-making
Design/development of specific programs and services
Project management support, including meeting preparation and facilitation
Logistics support for improved performance, including development of CJAB agendas, minutes, and meeting materials
Technical assistance to improve collaboration and performance between meetings
Workshop planning, facilitation, and report preparation


We have extensive project training and organizational development experience that ranges from running the training teams on statewide, multi-million dollar systems projects to facilitating single-day seminars for professionals from both the public and private sectors.

We believe that, before training engagements begin, a host of questions merit careful thought, from basic considerations such as:
• How do trainees currently do their work and what will be changing?
• What defines a successful training engagement, and what are the key points that trainees must take away from the training sessions?
• How will the success of the training be evaluated?
• What are the limitations of the training cycle in time, budget, facilities, availability, and capacity?

to more involved matters, including:

• What are the various learning styles of the audience?
• How do they think about their work, and how will that affect their approach to and absorption of the training material?
• What preconceptions, misperceptions, anxieties, or other hurdles must the training overcome?

There are many more factors to consider, and each training engagement is unique. We develop training materials targeted to engage the audience and maximize their retention of the material, for training that is unparalleled in its efficiency and effectiveness.

We are proud of The Davison Institute for Organizational Excellence (TDI), a collection of courses designed to help professionals raise the bar of performance for themselves and their organizations. Tracks of study include Leadership and Governance, Marketing and Community Relations, the Practical Manager, and others. TDI provides an exciting new resource for professionals from a multitude of disciplines, to give them the tools and techniques to reach powerful new levels of achievement.

System Design & Testing

At each stage of a systems project, our work is custom-tailored to the client, the project, and the working environment. We do not use “cookie cutter” solutions. Our staff have extensive experience in:
• Testing, including build, integration, and user acceptance testing
• Training design, development, and implementation and training materials design and development
• Functional requirements mapping
• Independent verification and validation
• Design and development of sophisticated user support tools, including help systems and other online aids
• User documentation design and development

We believe that successful system design begins long before programmers write the first lines of code. Comprehensive review and analysis of the organizational and businesses processes to be served by the new system, and true understanding of the user community, are the first critical steps in a system design project’s life cycle. We are excellent communicators who can ascertain and manage user needs, satisfactions, and apprehensions, and employ strategies to manage them within project parameters.

Our broad experience encompasses functional requirements analysis and mapping; testing design, development, and oversight; and defect identification, analysis, and reporting. We work hand-in-hand with clients, users, and technical partners to identify the most elegant system solutions to technical and operational challenges, and evaluate their effectiveness as implemented.

We involve end users in the testing cycle as part of system development, from testing individual application “builds,” to how pieces of a system work together in an integrated fashion, to final user acceptance testing. The earlier this feedback is obtained, the more easily and cost-effectively it can be incorporated into system design. We have extensive experience engaging users early and often in the testing cycle, identifying and employing subject matter experts and functional teams, and nurturing their ownership of the project so that they feel comfortable and secure in providing broad, informed feedback. This type of authentic input helps shape an emerging system into the best and most successful product possible.

This approach to testing also paves the way for training implementation and affords an opportunity to test the training design and materials. Our training plans are always based on the “real world” environment of the user… not only the daily tasks that must be transitioned to the new system, but also the way those tasks fit into the larger picture. Each training day is an opportunity to help users grow in their understanding of how their work affects that of their colleagues, and thus to enhance the collaborative effort that ultimately will make conversion and final handover smoother at every level.

Our user support staff are particularly skilled. We differ from most technical consultants in that we have outstanding writers and designers on staff to assure that all materials we produce, for online use or in hard copy, are exceptionally easy to use and understand. Our help systems are extraordinary in their comprehensiveness and accessibility.


Benchmarking is a systematic method of acquiring and using information to identify strategic objectives, bottom-line goals, and other activities that enhance organizational quality and economy.

The Davison Group provides benchmarking for all of its service areas. In the educational sector, benchmarking allows school districts to identify both areas of excellence and areas needing improvement. Benchmarking helps districts:

• Identify strengths and weaknesses
• Assess performance in relation to best practices
• Develop strategic directions to improve performance
• Redirect action to achieve improved academic, behavioral, and financial performance.

Benchmarking can occur over one year or longitudinally over multiple academic years. The Davison Group brings together a team of knowledgeable district staff to identify the measurable academic, behavioral, and demographic variables for which data is then collected, analyzed, and evaluated.
Benchmarking can be conducted:

• In elementary, middle, or secondary school levels
• In one or more district schools
• Throughout an entire district
• Across multiple districts.

Educational Program Design

The Davison Group is expert in the development and implementation of dynamic yet cost-effective new programs and services within existing school structures. Often this process occurs in conjunction with, or in response to, a benchmarking engagement.

Areas of concentration may range from programs designed to challenge a targeted group of students—for instance, those at risk of dropping out—to fuller integration of the business community into secondary education to better prepare students for their post-secondary experience.

Vision/Mission Development

Intrinsic to any organization’s success are a vision and mission that are communicated, understood, and fully espoused by staff. The Davison Group’s vision/mission clarification processes provide organizational strength and improved communication to:

• Develop and implement mission-based strategic initiatives
• Reshape existing programs for consonance with the vision and mission
• Enhance service delivery to internal and external customers.

There are two essential elements to this process: first, envisioning the future, and second, translating the results—the vision—into an organizational mission that describes what the organization stands for. The mission statement is the foundation on which the goals or objectives are built, and the standard against which all organizational activities are measured.

Vision/mission development and clarification can occur within or across departments, and often occur as a result of, or in conjunction with, other initiatives, such as strategic planning, teambuilding, operations reviews, and benchmarking.

Strategic Planning

Too many strategic plans end up sitting on a shelf—too long, too convoluted, too “blue sky” to ever be truly effective, and often too much the product of a narrow organizational view to be widely embraced and implemented.

That’s not the kind of strategic planning we do. As specialists in organizational transformation, we view the strategic planning process as one that, first and foremost, must inspire and support change. The quality of the process that produces the strategic plan, in our view, is at least as important as the plan itself.

Thus, our broadly collaborative approach to strategic planning…
• Enlists buy-in and ownership, from the start, from all project participants
• Is based on a clear framework, with organic and fluid processes that adapt to individual and group dynamics
• Creates a foundation of trust and capacity for honest dialogue and analysis
• Encourages inclusion and inviting different viewpoints, interests, and ideas to the table
• Establishes expectations for productive planning sessions that yield meaningful, achievable goals and objectives
• Motivates all stakeholders to take advantage of the opportunities that the process and the end product afford.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Given the challenges of a work environment or marketplace that seems in constant flux, even high performing professionals can benefit from trusted, objective external guidance. Bill Davison has been coaching and mentoring both executives and other key staff for over 20 years. Bill has helped numerous individuals to unlock their personal and professional potential and move to positions of confidence and enhanced productivity.

If you are feeling stalemated—whether from isolation due to team inadequacies or dysfunction, as a response to internal or external change, or simply from being overextended or overwhelmed—Bill will work with you confidentially, one-on-one, to
• Identify the mental blocks that keep an individual from performing effectively.
• Help you to find the win-wins in challenging, even threatening, situations.
• Teach you to work more productively and comfortably with even the most difficult personalities.
• Understand how being truly mission-driven can unlock not only your own potential, but the potential of your colleagues as well.

Communications & Marketing

Through its Davison Media division, The Davison Group provides the strategies and tools that organizations need to develop, clarify, or reshape their approach to internal and external communications. Communications design or support may occur separately or in conjunction with another Davison Group engagement (for example, benchmarking, strategic planning or an operations review).

Our award-winning Davison Media team can provide your organization with:
High impact internal or external newsletters
Advertising/promotional campaign design and execution
Print advertising design, production, and placement
Complete marketing audits of your existing communication vehicles
Complete marketing and communications planning
Corporate/organizational identity packages (logo design, branding, name change)
Electronic media concept development, scripting, and production for internal and external use, including television and radio spots, interactive programming, capabilities and product videos, documentaries
Media training/crisis communications training
Publication design and production for annual reports, brochures, signage, and displays
Special event planning, design, and production
Trade show exhibit planning and design
Website design and review/analysis of existing website effectiveness

Website Evaluation & Design

Most organizations do not have the time or resources to keep up with the dizzying pace of change in cyberspace. The Davison Group can help. We offer a full range of web evaluation and design services.

We can build your website from the ground up, working with you every step of the way from the initial planning consultation to taking it live. We focus on your people, products, and message, not just on the technical side. Our collaborative process ensures that your site is fully tailored to your needs and offers the best possible solution for your business or marketing requirements.

For organizations with existing websites, we provide comprehensive evaluation services to determine your site's:
• Design effectiveness
• Performance optimization and component form and function
• Usability standards optimization for navigation, layout, and organization
• Human and search engine accessibility.

Our staff perform ongoing research into the changing world of the online search industry. We offer expert site design and redesign analysis, and strategic evaluation and consultation with regard to:
• Search engine spider accessibility
• Keyword placement and density
• Meta tag optimization
• Active promotional methods (pay-for-placement, etc.)
• Targeted index (human directory) submission
• Search engine optimization, including targeted keyword design, search engine resubmission, keyword ranking evaluations, and iterative performance reevaluation.

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