Case Studies

Case Study 1: System training and user services

Case Study 1: System Training and User Services: Pennsylvania Appellate Court Case Management System (PACMS) and Common Pleas Case Management System (CPCMS)

The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) selected The Davison Group as training vendor for these two statewide multi-million dollar projects. The projects called for development and execution of a training plan, help system, and design and production of training and user support materials for thousands of end users across the Commonwealth.

As the training consultant, The Davison Group worked closely with the software and database developers, as well as with AOPC staff, the courts, and users to develop and implement the training approach, plan, and schedule. We provided a wide range of user training and support materials, including training case scenarios and documentation, visual aids, user and reference manuals, instructional graphics, and a comprehensive online help system. Our project team had heavy involvement in all design and testing phases and guided end users through several test cycles, capturing feedback and providing it to the AOPC and project partners.

Case Study 2: System Design, Program Development, and Testing

Case Study 2: System Design, Program Development, and Testing: Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement System (PACSES)

The Davison Group was a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin Information Management Services to provide consultant and management services related to the Department of Public Welfare's PACSES system design, program development, and system testing. The PACSES project automated all of Pennsylvania’s Domestic Relations Sections into a single, unified statewide child support system as required by federal regulations. The Davison Group had lead responsibility for validating functional requirements, mapping system functionality to regulatory requirements, and developing form templates and data tags, as well as responsibility for quality assurance and system testing. This major automation project involved facilitating the input of numerous county and state child support staff, representing over 3,000 users in 67 counties.

Case Study 3: Organizational Transformation and Team-building

Case Study 3: Organizational Transformation and Team-building: Manufacturing Collaborative

The Davison Group was engaged by Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeast Pennsylvania to reorganize and facilitate a manufacturing collaborative of 18 small companies (ranging from 12 to 250 employees) that individually were unable to compete for large-scale opportunities in the rapidly changing technological environment. The Davison Group worked with member companies to develop mechanisms to form “virtual” organizations that enabled them to reconfigure, collaborate, and compete successfully to win business opportunities. This project subsequently became part of Pennsylvania's Lightning Manufacturing initiative.

As a training vehicle for this project, The Davison Group created prototype multimedia software—a guide to successful organizational change with an emphasis on the personal interactions and relationships behind organizational restructuring efforts, integrated with technology. This prototype allowed participants to pose their own questions, then seek and support their own solutions within a non-linear environment conveying real life complexity.

Case Study 4: Benchmarking Study

Case Study 4: Benchmarking Study: School District of Springfield Township

The Davison Group conducted a comprehensive benchmarking project for this Montgomery County, PA, school district to enhance K-12 strategic planning and provide a basis for assessing the impact of curricular changes. Data on 85-100 academic, behavioral, and demographic variables specified by project teams were collected and analyzed. The study produced class performance profiles and assessments of sub-group student performance. The results, which dispelled some long-held myths and assumptions, led to greater performance-driven planning and decision-making and the development of

Case Study 5: Business Process Review/Nonprofit Organization

Case Study 5: Business Process Review/Nonprofit Organization: Alliance for Building Communities

The Davison Group conducted a detailed business process review for this provider of low cost housing in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley. The agency had undergone a recent period of rapid growth, which had strained resources in a number of departments and left uncertainty as to resources available for ongoing operations and the future direction of the organization.

A comprehensive interview and questionnaire process for both staff and board members was the basis for evaluating their positions on the state and direction of the agency, and kicked off a series of meetings to discuss the results and begin an extensive team building process. The resulting task plan delivered to the Board of Directors contained over 100 recommendations for operational improvements, many of which were put into action immediately, with others incorporated into the organization's long term improvement plan.

The Davison Group provided technical assistance in implementation of the task plan developed during our recent business process review. Services provided included executive coaching for the Management Team to enhance organizational and individual performance, restructuring of the chain of command, and development of comprehensive job descriptions for all staff.

Case Study 6: Business Process Review/Local Government

Case Study 6: Business Process Review/Local Government: Township of Palmer, PA

This Eastern Pennsylvania township contracted with The Davison Group to review township operations in order to determine the adequacy of existing organizational structures and whether procedures supported a common, unified township mission. The comprehensive review of staffing utilization and detailed business processes led to changes in staffing, operations, policies, procedures, and workflow, as well as improved communication. It also resulted in creation of the position of township manager and the identification and screening of township manager candidates.

Case Study 7: Publication Design, Production, and Management

Case Study 7: Publication Design, Production, and Management: Community Justice News

The Davison Group wrote, designed, edited and produced the quarterly publication Community Justice News for the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. This project focused on community corrections strategies, technology, and efficiencies in Pennsylvania counties. The full-color publication was formerly known as Local Community Corrections, and in 2005 transitioned to an electronic document.

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